Drupal 7 Upgrade: Imagefield and Filefield

Just a quick note about another hiccup I've run into with the Drupal upgrade.

For both staticred and other sites hosted on my Drupal install, I've made use of the Imagefield and Filefield CCK modules to provide additional content features.  For example, my portfolio section on staticred.com incudes thumbnail images.

Imagefield and Filefield were brought into Drupal core with Drupal 7, but without a Drupal-supplied migration path.  This is where I note how important it is to look at *all* the documentation around an upgrade, including the plugins you make use of. I knew that Drupal had integrated these into core, but I didn't know that the CCK folk had created a new module inside their CCK module, Content Migrate, that migrates these fields into their Drupal 7 counterparts.

Of course, this doesn't seem to fix all the references to the old fields in your Views, as I discovered several broken field handlers even running the field migration.

Ever onward and forward...