Weaker than a kitten.

So. Tired.

Since Friday, I've:

  • rewritten three chapters of the book
  • carried a 100 pound drum sander up two flights of stairs (not including the stairs into the yard, and the stairs from the yard to the front door)
  • moved all the upstairs furniture to the main floor (Kirsten got almost all of it downstairs, actually... I just had to help her take the beds, dresser, and headboard)
  • Use a 15A floor edger around the edges of all our rooms upstairs (which is about 2 horsepower. Your standard rotary sander, for example, is 2 amps, or 1/3 horsepower)
  • strip paint off the stairs and hand rail, using same edger (ever used a little more than 2 horsepower to sand on an angle? It's not pretty)
  • countersink approximately 18,000 nails.
  • fill above nails with putty
  • scrape remaining paint on stairs in corners
  • turn our two-bedroom, one-close, and stairs into virtual cleanrooms.
  • Apply our first coat (of three... one per day) of polyurethane to the floors.
  • Carry 100 pound sander down two flights of stairs (not including the stairs from the front door to the yard, or the yard to the car)

Kirsten and I worked our asses off over the last two days... and now we're exhausted! So much so that I can't even think of a witty way to end this entry.