Thoughts on the iPod touch

K ended up getting me an iPod touch for Christmas this year (which she has since dubbed the stepford wife). Of course, I'd been going on and on for months about how much I wanted one... ever since the iphone came out really.

Now that I've had it a few weeks, I thought I'd write down a few thoughts about it.


I'm a big fan of the typing correction included in the touch OS. Although I'm getting better at typing on this thing, I'm not 100% there yet. I was never a big SMS person, so I never got used to typing with one finger. I don't mind the lack of tactile response at all - I'd type just as poorly on a blackberry.

Cut & paste would me nice, but in truth there has only been one or two occassions where I really needed it and couldn't get around it another way.

App selection

One of my initial concerns with iPod apps is that they'd end up creating the same giant collection of crap that the palm ecosystem created. I'm a bit sad to say that they did. Although there are many good apps out there, there's a tonne of garbage too. Granted, I've avoided the pay apps, since I don't want to start getting into those.

Battery life

I can't complain at all about the battery life, since I basically use this as a small, more portable version of my laptop. The laptop only gets four hours of battery life - the touch lasts pretty much a full day.


Again no complaints, really. About the only comment I have is that it would be nice to have a unified inbox instead of separate inboxes for each account.


So nice, especially since I've experienced the suckage that is cellphone browsing. The only time I dislike the experience is when the site reverts to a mobile version (I'm looking at you food network).

So overall, I'm loving it. One of these days I might grab the iPhone SDK and build an app of my own.