Rumours of my death are only partially exaggerated.

For the three readers reader who is wondering why I haven't posted for awhile: I've been incredibly busy doing not much of anything. Work is coming to a head for the moment, as two products I've been working on are nearing release; since I'm taking time off for Christmas from the 19th until Jan 3rd, I've been running around trying to tie up all the loose ends so I don't get frantic emails/phonecalls while I'm supposed to be relaxing.

Though, I won't be relaxing. Instead, I'll be writing a paper on the shift of online community away from a social construct and towards a genre, writing another paper on video blogging as autodocumentary, and performing a content survey of a number of online diaries (maybe yours!). Also, I'll be finishing up my Neverwinter Nights module, which appears to be growing larger and larger each time I sit down to work on it (There's a Classical meadow, a Middle Ages forest, a dock, a Renaissance city, and a Museum).

I'm also moving ahead on the proposal. I met with my supervisor this morning (Hi Julie) and though there are a few additions and clarifications to make, I'm pretty close to being able to close that part of the process. We went over the tentative timeline and everything looks good (albeit a little optimistic). I still have much reading to do, of course, but everything seems to be clicking along nicely. I was also reassured, through both reading her article The Digital Queer that she absolutely is the best person at the U of A to be supervising my project. So go my team.

Of course, this means I'm going to be busier than hell reading and writing for the next few months. I'll be reading a lot of theory, as well as a lot of online diaries to get all the source material I need. I'm likely to not want to post much here. Either that, or it will be mostly research notes for my own reference. Unless something mindblowingly weird happens, don't expect too much from this site. :)

In other news, I'm picking Kirsten up from the airport in about a half hour; she just spent the week visiting our friend Irit in Atlanta. It's her birthday today as well; once I get home from work (I'm literally dropping her off at home), I'm going to make her a really nice 4-course dinner, then take her out to Death By Chocolate if we're feeling up to it. Feel free to drop her birthday wishes at circe [@]