BSG thoughts

On the cusp of the Battlestar Galactic series closer, I had a thought on a very specific piece of BSG mythology, specifically the phrase "You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace."

What if this is a positive, rather than negative thing? One assumes from the tone of the series that Kara is being marked as an Angel of Death by the hybrids that utter that phrase. But harbinger has a second meaning, which is a forerunner. Starbuck died on Earth and was resurrected, this we know.

We also know that the First Five rebuilt resurrection technology in the final days of Earth, as a way of escaping death from their own Cylon uprising. Could it be that Starbuck is the forerunner of the colonists (and rebel Cylons) reobtaining access to resurrection? Perhaps instead of bringing death to the colonists, she is instead leading them through it?

I suppose we'll find out in a matter of hours.