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I had such a great time at Webstock a couple of months ago.  Of course, I also missed 3 weeks of work to make that trip, and so I've been working my arse off to catch up.

Now that I have caught up, however, I can talk about one of the musicians I saw while I was there, Jason Webley.  Jason was there to talk about using the web as an indepedent musician.  I missed that talk at the time, but have since watched it on Webstock's site.

Webstock '11: Jason Webley - Portrait of an Artist as an Independent Musician from Webstock on Vimeo.

Jason was touring with Amanda Fucking Palmer, who was also speaking at Webstock.  Amanda's been doing something reallly great on her most recent tour: she's been performing for free ninja gigs in the places she's been having concerts. These are short, free, ad-hoc concerts announced either the day of or the day before. Jason Webley joined her at the ninja gig in Wellington, and blew me away almost immediately.

They did another performance that night for the Webstock attendees, and he managed to keep up the same energy and great music from the ninja gig. Once again, I really enjoyed the music, but it was the performance that really solidified things.  Jason's a man possessed when he's performing, and that possession starts to infect his audience.

He's on a giant North American tour right now, and as part of it, he stopped in Edmonton and Calgary.  I dragged my old bones out to Wunderbar, plunked down our $20, and once again watched an amazing performance.

Jason's one of those rare musicians who are just so much better in concert than they are recorded.  Don't get me wrong, I think you should still go and get all of his albums, because the music is still haunting and compelling.  But Jason's one of those musicians that you should absolutely, without fail, catch live when they come through your town.

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